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Nurse-Led Heart Health Clinic

The team at Westcare Medical Centre Thornlie are now conducting nurse-led heart health clinics to improve the quality of life and reduce preventable morbidity and mortality for those living with heart failure. These clinics aim to improve a persons confidence to effectively self-manage their condition, while providing a strong professional support network and assisting our clients to achieve personal goals.

Heart Failure is a condition whereby the heart does not pump your blood around your body as well as it should be. Signs of heart failure include chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, oedema (swelling of the feet/legs/abdomen), reduced ability to exercise and persistent cough.

Many factors can contribute towards Heart Failure, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiomyopathy, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, stroke/heart attack, lifestyle factors such as inactivity and poor diet.

1 in 5 adults aged 45 - 74 years are at risk of having a stroke or heart attack in the next 5 years. Westcare Medical Centre Thornlie is working towards improving identification of people at risk of heart failure and other heart conditions with the Cardiac Screening Tool, developed by our medical and nursing team. This short survey is given to anyone of the age of 45years.

Those identified through screening with symptoms or risk factors are invited to have a fully bulk-billed heart health check. A heart health check is a 30minute assessment with our nurse & GP which includes a discussion about risk factors, a physical assessment including a blood test & ECG if clinically indicated & specialist referral where indicated. We work with our clients to reduce cardiac risk factors & provide additional support through connections with allied health professionals (dietitian/ exercise physiology/ physiotherapy/ pharmacists) and specialists as required.

If you have heart failure or think you may be at risk, please book an appointment at Westcare Medical Centre Thornlie on (08) 6186 6890.

This project is supported by APNA, with funding from the WA Primary Health Alliance under the Australia Governments PHN program.

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